Top down center out

Ruth Collins is Ithacamaven on Instagram

Tuesday 30 August 2022: Ruth Collins is better known as Ithacamaven on Instagram and she created the Top Down Centre Out method to fit pants/trousers.

Ruth Collins developed the Top Down Centre Out method.

Ruth posts all the details about the Top Down Centre Out method on her Instagram account including updates about this method as she refines it.

What Top Down Centre Out achieves

Ruth discusses the basis of the Top Down Center Out method and what this method was designed to sewists achieve on their own.

5 steps of the Top Down Centre Out method

At about the 10 minute mark, Ruth discusses the 5 steps of her Top Down Centre Out method.

Towards the end of the podcast, Ruth discusses how this pants fitting method caters the body curves and people’s fit preferences.

Dispelling the myth about pants fitting

Ruth does discuss how making pants fit is also a part of ensuring you keep the style of the pants as well. Different styles will have shaping to keep within the pants you’re working on.

Ruth’s first article was published in Threads Magazine issue #218 and Stacey of @thecrookedhem is publishing a series of videos on her YouTube channel.

Make sure you head over to Miriam’s podcast as she’s been helping Ruth with communicating about Top Down Center Out pants fitting method.

Did you hear Stacey’s podcast about her Top Down Center Out videos?

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