Stacey Taylor

Stacey Taylor

Tuesday 25 October 2022: Stacey Taylor known as The Crooked Hem on Instagram, has developed a series of free YouTube videos to help sewists use the Top Down Centre Out method, developed by Ruth Collins ithacamaven on Instagram.

Stacey Taylor is The Crooked Hem

Ruth Collins was on the podcast in August and discussed the 5 steps within the Top Down Centre Out pants fitting method.

Stacey has developed this series of Top Down Centre Out videos in consultation with Ruth so these free resources are always available and up to date.

Stacey is ‘The Crooked Hem’

Stacey is a trained molecular biologist, and this engrained discipline leads her to always document her work, cite my sources, and encourage open discourse. Stacey left the lab years ago but took these principles with her to other parts of her life, including her sewing practice.

She shares her work here with everyone openly in the hope that it might inspire others or helps people along their sewing journey.

When Stacey is not at her sewing machine, she’s in her garden or hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband. Stacey has a Ph.D. in cancer biology, and she has worked as a scientist, teacher, and a technical writer. Today she is a product manager in the cancer diagnostics industry.

SewOver50 podcasts also available on YouTube

Top Down Center Out resources:

Follow Stacey’s sewing blog:
Follow Stacey on Instagram (@thecrookedhem):
Follow the Top Down Center Out hashtag on Instagram for fitting examples from hundreds of sewists:…
Follow Ruth Collins on Instagram (@ithacamaven):
Read the article describing the #TopDownCenterOut method in the Summer 2022 Issue 218 of Threads magazine:…

The #TopDownCenterOut method is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons:…


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