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Tuesday 6 December 2022: Miriam has been helping Ruth Collins get the word out about top down center out method and it’s easy to understand why when you hear Miriam’s sewing story.

Miriam was encouraged to sew through 4H programs.

Miriam has a phD in English and she immediately realised Ruth is a scientist by how Ruth was communicating about Top Down Center Out method. She tells us about her experience of using a dress form to get good fitting clothes but this meant Miriam had to make the dress form fit her body shape.

You’ll hear how Miriam describes Top Down Center Out method as ‘body agnostic’.

With her friend Anne Marie, they have been helping Ruth to show how anyone can use Top Down Center Out method and get pants that fit.

A key point that Miriam raises is that sewists need to keep in mind the intended fit every designer builds into the patterns we are using when we are working on sewing clothes that fit.

As Miriam says, this is one method we can use to fit pants and if you feel this method doesn’t work for you there are a few other ways to make pants fit perfectly. As a sewist, we now have a bigger choice of pants fitting method at our disposal.

What to find the free resources and learn how to use Top Down Center Out method?


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