Agatha ‘Agy’ Lee

Agy Lee

Friday 21 October 2022: Agatha Lee or Agy, is a textile artist from Singapore, who is providing a workshop called Translating Nature into Thread Art with Free Motion Embroidery at the Making Zen Online Retreat.

Agatha ‘Agy’ Lee discusses her textile art work and Making Zen Online Retreat

“Agy” is a Singapore-based textile artist specialising in embroidery. Although she learnt to sew from her mother, it was not until 2012 that she rediscovered her passion for it and started creating textile collages and 3D textures through free motion machine embroidery, handstitching and marking.

Her previous career as an environmental policy maker has enabled her to bridge the gap between sustainability and art, and has encouraged her to create works to reconnect people with not only the environment, but their inner tortoise. As an environmental advocate, her work explores making visible the things that are usually ‘hidden’ from the public. These include corals, weeds and fungi.

Agy was an invited artist for The Big Draw 2015, Playeum, art residency L’Observatoire 2017, and Singapore Design Week 2018. She has also exhibited at The Substation, Singapore Eco Film Festival, The Festival of Quilts (UK) and The Knitting & Stitching Show. As part of her practice, she holds regular workshops.

She is a member of the Society for Embroidery Work and Fertile Art Refinery Singapore.

Learn more about Agatha here!

YouTube podcast for Making Zen Online Retreat

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