Morag – colour block dress

Tuesday 18 October 2022: Morag_cg is a SewOver50 follower and lives in Glasgow.

Morag_cj tells us her sewing story.

If you watched the posts and stories for SewOver50 Frocktails in September, you would have seen her have a splendid weekend in Edinburgh.

Morag has been sewing since she can remember and has the knack for working with paper and then developing her sewing project. She is mindful of the fabric she uses and you’ll hear about her cashmere remnant purchases from Nomad_slt. Nomad SLT rescues cashmere and wool fabrics for reselling.

As there are five men in her family, Morag is skilled at sewing shirts. Her favourite pattern is Thread Theory Fairfield shirt. She made a toile for all five of her family and tweaked the pattern for their shapes. They were all in the medium size for this pattern, but Morag found the Thread Theory resources for fitting mens shirts was invaluable as she realised they all had fitting needs to create a shirt that fits each of them perfectly!

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