Sarah Pondevie

Thursday 3 February 2022: Sarah has been focussing on using her existing resources to focus on visible mending. With her pattern developments, she amassed a lot of fabrics and resources that were no longer useful to her but when she went to take them to the local thrift store, the response from the store was a wake up call to her regarding textile waste.

Sarah discusses her journey into visible mending

In this podcast Sarah discusses how she’s focussing on visible mending techniques and helping local people develop their own visible mending skills in Perth.

Sarah’s sewing pattern development is on hiatus right now as she focusses her energies on visible mending and painting.

This is a story about how one indie pattern designer is using her sewing skills to be more mindful about how she uses textiles and slowing the sewing process down.

Monday 15 February 2021: Sarah’s podcast is being replayed because Sarah Pondevie is one of the many presenters at the Australian Sewing Guild’s first online Autumn Sewing Celebration on 27 March 2021.

Sarah’s earlier podcast to help you decide to attend ASG’s Autumn Sewing Celebration on 27 March 2021
Sarah of Pattern Union, an ASG Industry Partner

We’ve recorded a podcast about the Autumn Sewing Celebration so you can decide to attend your sewing friends and enjoy a cocktail at the end of the day.

Autumn Sewing Celebration program

10 August 2020: Sarah is the designer behind Pattern Union and she enjoys supporting Australian Sewing Guild members with her patterns. As Sarah says, inclusivity isn’t just about size. Her patterns can be adapted to different body types.

Sarah Pondevie provides support to ASG members

Pattern Union was created by Sarah Pondevie, owner of Workspace Fashion and Design school, teacher and maker of fashion, who has a passion for pattern making. Her years of working in made-to-measure clothing and teaching has given her the breadth of knowledge to create a range of clothing patterns that appreciates the fact that traditional sizing does not reflect standard measurements.

Sarah has designed a free scuba face mask

You should read her latest blog post about the research behind her free scuba face mask.

Sarah talks about her first patterns – the Phoebe collection.

Here is the transcript for this podcast courtesy of Helene Glassman for preparing this on behalf of the Australian Sewing Guild.

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