Angie Hinksman

Angie Hinksman with her red dress

Wednesday 2 February 2022: Angie gives us the inside details of her time recording on Kirsty’s Handmade Christmas.

Angie gives more details about her tv appearance and her plans for 2022

Angie makes dolls and toys and she discusses this in more detail. As well as her love of the Marvellous Miss Maisel tv series and clothes.

Tuesday 1 February 2021: Angie Hinksman has had a few amazing opportunities offered to her since last year and she talks about them in this podcast.

Angie has been taken on new challenges since last time we spoke

Yes. She’s taken these opportunities and is enjoying herself and is feeling happy again.

That’s Angie on the telly.

Thursday 3 June 2021: Angie Hinksman credits staying busy with sewing and gardening projects to keep her sane.

Angie Hinksman has sewn her way through this pandemic and the loss it’s brought to her.

Angie is a new Sewover50 follower and we noticed her because of her amazing duvet bias binding dress.

Angie getting some sun

What you’ll hear is the depth of Angie’s sewing experience but more importantly how she has grieved the loss of her husband and found ways to find her self and as she says ‘stay sane’.

Angie’s next duvet dress project

The topic of her sewing doesn’t diminish what’s happened to her over the last 2 years.

The finished ‘glasshouse’

Angie is part of her local community and has become a great part of the online sewing community.

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