Meet Justin

Justin’s shirt is the Fairfield Button-Up from Thread Theory Designs.

Thursday 7 October 2021: Justin of Justinmakesmyown started sewing masks in early 2020 to help his sister when she started her full time nursing career.

Justin started sewing his own clothes in 2020.

These Sew House Seven Nehalem pants was his first make after initially sewing masks.

Justin in his Sew House 7 Nehalem pattern pants

Justin has also made the Hey Jude Vero top from the Hey Jude patterns beach set.

The middy shirt and sailor pants patterns are from Folkwear.

Justin tells us about how sewing is a part of his family history.

My Instagram account (@justinmakesmyown) is a free-for-all covering all my “making” endeavours, not just sewing.  I also knit, mend, cook, bake, garden, ferment and do other activities that are easily photographed. I do have to say that my sewing posts receive the most attention. I guess less people are interested in my sourdough or kimchi.  

Justin’s short sleeve buttoned shirt is the Men’s Tropical Shirt by Wardrobe by Me.

Justin Google searches patterns he uses and refers to Thread Theory and Wardrobe by me as his first sewing patterns he has used. Listen into this podcast and find out what patterns Justin is using to create his back to the office clothes for 2022.

Justin does reuse and recycle fabrics, materials and projects he’s made but won’t get any wear out of. As Justin says, the sewing community is more than just talking about sewing.

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