Meet Jennie

Jennie of Annie and Myras

Tuesday 5 October 2021: Jeannie of Annie and Myra’s is a bra sewing expert from regional Victoria. She shares her free tutorials on Instagram.

Jennie of Annie and Myras talks about bra sewing

Jennie answers a few bra sewing questions so we have more information about sewing bras that fit us using the correct underwires, fabrics and bra notions to suit all skin sensitivities. She does emphasis her love of couture sewing. Jennie is known for harvesting bra notions from pre-loved bras.

Jennie tells us about Free the Girls and their donating bras program. This donation program is one way of helping survivors.

Over the years Jennie has enjoyed many modalities – weddings, mens tailoring (she learnt men’s pattern making during a private order dressmaking certificate at TAFE in the early 1990s) millinery, and most recently she has reignited my passion for lingerie. Oh and she’s also starting to learn shoe making.

Couture styling

Starter bra patterns Jennie recommends are Harriet Bra by Cloth Habit and the Marlborough Bra by Orange Lingerie.
The Maya Bra is a free pattern you can start your bra sewing with.

shop image options  (3).jpg
Designed by Jennie for small backs and large cups

Jennie has designed the Grace Bra pattern. Three variations available to make : a fabric and lace combination; an all-over lace or embroidered tulle version and a knit fabric and foam option.

Lingerie fit kits can be purchased at Your Way Lingerie, Pitt Trading and through Nellie Joans.

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