Meet Uli

Uli – A mending expert

Friday 19 March 2021: Uli has agreed to replay her podcast in honour of #mendmarch. You’ll hear how her family background keeps Uli visible mending.

#mendmarch replay with Uli or schneckstein

Friday 23 October 2020: You’ll find Uli or schneckstein creating amazing mending on an amazing array of textiles. Uli lives in Kunststopfen, Kassel in Germany where she creates visible mends with such beauty. Uli has been featured in the Wednesday collage posted by Mending Mayhem’s Katrine.

Uli shares her love and creativity of mending with us

Uli uses embroidery, crotchet and weaving techniques to embellish that various mends she accomplishes each week.

Socks that last a lifetime with great mending

Her love of mending began when she was 4 years old and her mother taught her the importance of making sure you buy good quality goods and extend their life through mending.

Her eye for design influences her mending ideas and her children help her decide on the mend idea to pursue. They play a game to image what a hole to be mended looks like. The first one Uli mentioned was hand sewn into an elephant. And the fun of deciding how a mend should look like has continued.

Creating interesting visible mending on any clothes

Uli’s creativity makes each visible mend unique and easy on the eyes. It’s when you look at the detailing that you then start to appreciate her mending artistry.

Uli follows other great menders like Mending Mayhem, Marlen @milli_and_the_bee, Mending kate

Delicate and pretty mending

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