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Thursday 3 September 2020: Sewover50 have brought back the flat lay challenge is returning in September and you’ll have time to practice your skills as it’s a whole month!

So50flatlay2020 with Sandy Bach

As Sandy says ‘Flat lays are FUN….you can hide behind the camera 😁, learn new skills, and be creative.’

This is a community challenge, open to ALL with public accounts. No prizes, just the joy of joining in 😊. We will be doing a roundup of the challenge with 10 posts that catch the SewOver50 editors’ eyes at the end of the month. Will it be one of your flat lay/s? 😊
Here’s a few tips to get you started:
1. Use #sewover50 and our new tag #so50flatlay2020 so that we can find you.
2. Generally a simple background is best. A sheet? 🤔
3. A square photo is ideal.
4. Composition…your garment should be the star then play around with objects but avoid clutter. Check the balance …is it pleasing to the eye?
5. Play with colour…mononchromatic, a pop of a bright colour?
6. Natural lighting is best but watch for shadows.
7. Importantly, place your camera directly above…no angle shots. Watch out for sneaky feet 😂.
8. Take several photos and rearrange. You’ll be surprised how different it looks in a photo.
9. Edit….brighten and saturate is easy to use on IG but compare it to the original photo so that the effect is natural. 👍😊
10. Please name and tag the pattern. 😊

So, spread the news, join in the fun and we can’t wait to see what you come up with. 😁

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