Meet Carol Crocker-Ware

Carol in her sewing room

Sewover20 stalwart: Carol is our next Sewover50 stalwart that kindly gave her time for this podcast. Her sewing story originally published in July 2020, is compelling and heart-warming to hear.

Anncie2001 or Carol Crocker-Ware for Sewover50.

Carol hosts a private Facebook Sewing group called Carol’s Sewing Corner and a youtube channel and a blog – G-CAS dot net. Carol is self employed and had a sewing business for 12 years.

You’ll hear Carol’s excitement when she took her first sewing classes. She’s sewn for her son and is proud of the clothes she made him. That’s why her tailoring skills are embedded in her tutorials and sewing advice. Keep an ear out for her Elmo robe story.

Carol Crocker-Ware is part of the Black Makers Matter Coalition

Carol is also a part of the Black Makers Matter Coalition. You can see her profile post on Instagram and you’ll be able to keep up to date on how she’s contributing right now.

Feel Free to join her facebook group and take a look at Units and QVT’s. Her facebook and Youtube followers loves them.

Black History Month podcast replays: Sewover50 is replaying previous podcasts featuring Black sewing community sewists that keep the over50s sewists in our community visible. They give their time to sewists everyday and in so many ways in during Black History Month, we’ll replay these podcasts one more time. Carol Crocker-Ware, Carrie Cunningham, Cennetta Burwell and CeeSews.

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