Sustainable weaving mill

Anniemieke at the weaving mill

Monday 25 January 2021: Listeners heard the wonderful Sewover50 podcast featuring Marianne Koster or foxglovesandthimbles.

Sustainable weaving mill by Annemieke

In her podcast Marianne mentioned her daughter Annemieke, having a sustainable weaving mill. Annemieke agreed to record a podcast about the work she is doing at Enschede Textielstad. The retail arm of this sustainable weaving mill is Sustainable Fabrics. Their Instagram account is @enschedetextielstad

One way of recycling fabrics for everyday use

Sustainable fabrics from recycled yarns is the consumer webshop of sustainable weaving mill Enschede Textielstad. The mill was founded in 2014 with the goal to make sustainable fabrics accessible for as many people as possible.

Sustainable weaving mill

That’s why they started offering a selection of our most popular fabrics to consumers on their web shop. You can purchase fabrics per 10 centimeter, so that you don’t have to order more than you actually need for your garment or project.

More details about Enschede Textielstad

About Enschede Textielstad

Enschede Textielstad is a sustainable industrial weaving mill and circular knitting factory. They produce fashion and upholstery textiles from recycled resources, such as recycled denim, recycled workwear and clipping waste of the garment manufacturing industry.

The fabrics on stoffen

Normally Enschede Textielstad produces on demand, which means they only start a loom when an order has been placed. They do so in order to prevent them from overproducing fabrics. Also, this way of producing enables them to meet the demands of their customers even more by adjusting fabrics when necessary.

Reducing landfill can look as great as these fabrics

Due to popular demand they made a selection of our most popular qualities available on their webshop. Next to some of their most versatile and popular qualities they also offer limited edition batches, samples or fabrics with a tiny ‘beautiful mistake’. This way, they enable everyone, whether you’re running a large clothing brand or only want to make one sustainable garment at home, with their sustainable, recycled fabrics.

The instagram account is @enschedetextielstad
Our website is 
Our website is mostly business to business (99% of our work), we also have a consumer webshop:

Recycled fabric keeps our sewing sustainable

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