Meet Bobo_bun

Thursday 1 October 2020: Lisa Smith-Clare is an avid Sewover50 follower and has been a guest editor. You’ll find Lisa on Instagram at Bobo_bun on Instagram.

Lisa is Bobo_bun
Thursday 1 October 2020 – Lisa Smith-Clare

You’ll also know that Lisa is a vintage sewing enthusiast that helps people achieve their sewing dreams is what Lisa concentrates on now.

Lisa Smith-Clare – Vintage enthusiast!

Here’s a link to Indian Summers mentioned by Lisa. Also here’s a link to Lauren, Lori, Vintage Tina and Sally for their vintage sewing love.

Oh and definitely say hi to Rebecca too and Lisa’s partner for pair of vintage sew and sews. Follow their hashtag. What Lisa and Rebecca are encouraging is each month, they’re working on how to sew a pattern they both work on can be adjusted to suit their individual perspectives ie size, shapes, ages and what suits their aesthetic.

You’ll hear how Lisa’s aunts influenced her love of vintage styles. These happy memories have stayed with Lisa forever and driven her sewing life.

Vintage style everyday

Listen into Lisa’s tip about bust measurements.

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