Meet Emilia

Tuesday 25 August 2020: I hope you read Emilia’s latest Sewcialist blog post for #allchestswelcome theme month. The topic is the great binder story, part 1. In part 1 of Emilia’s podcast there are so many topics they can cover and we focus on their journey before they started living their truth. At the end of our recording Emilia called part 1, ‘Getting your pronouns right’.

Tuesday 25 August 2020: Emilia part 1
Emilia at work

Emilia sets the scene for us regarding wearing binders as they have now come out as non-binary.

Emilia showing the results of their me-made binder

Binders are a small thing you can make to help overcome dysphoria that impedes you to function.

Their winning me-made binder – not in her favourite black colour

Emilia enjoys black outfits, word puns, good tailoring, and transforming their apartment into a greenhouse. When they are not sewing, they are a researcher in the field of Neuroscience. You can find them on IG @emilia_to_nuno and on their blog.

Sometimes Emilia adds white to their black wardrobe

Tuesday 1 September 2020: In Part 2, Emilia tells us their view on sewing pattern terminology that is gender non-conforming. Emilia shares their tips on where to find sewing patterns that suit your gender identity.

1 September 2020: How Emilia finds patterns through the online community
Emilia – because they can

Emilia mentions Free Sewing and Elbe Textile patterns. To find resources, they suggest following #sewqueer and #sewnonbinary on Instagram.


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