Anita McAdam

Monday 31 August 2020: How many listeners remember those weekend Pattern Puzzles that Anita used to run a few years ago on Facebook? They were a great way to learn about patterns, the pieces within a garment and then, what the puzzle garment was. You can still find these pattern puzzles on her Well-suited blog.

Pattern puzzle example by Anita McAdam
ASG Monday 31 August 2020 Anita McAdam

Anita encourages sewists to continue to learn new sewing skills and techniques. She also reminds sewists that it’s also good to go back to making your favourite patterns to keep your sewing motivation on fire.

There are so many ways to contact Anita about her pattern design workshops:
Well-suited Blog:
Mobile:  0419 167 451
Facebook Group (Private):

You’ll have fun listening to how teaching technology has changed. You’ll have to listen to this podcast for this fun history lesson.

Anita has given back to the community in meaningful ways through her pattern making scholarships for students in previous years.

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