Meet Tomasa

Thursday 27 August: You’ll hear Tomasa talk about her experience as a Sewover50 team member. It’s fascinating and their work is thoughtful in recognising sewists and keeping Sewover50 a safe place to go to.

27 August 2020: The behind the scenes care taken by the Sewover50 team

Thank you again Tomasa for being on the podcast.

Happy 2nd year anniversary Sewover50!

Thursday 20 August: Tomasa is a guest editor within Sewover50. She lives and breathes fashion.

Guest editor – Tomasa
Sewover50 Thursday 20 August 2020

In this episode, Tomasa talks about her sewing journey. Her sewing resume is extensive. Tomasa has had a few articles published in sewing publications.


Did you realise Tomasa is a pattern reviewer for Threads magazine? Tomasa does have a blog and you’ll always find her on instagram.

Fit is Tomasa’s speciality.



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