Maria Theoharous podcasts

These are the podcasts filed by Maria. Maria lives and sews in Australia on the land of the people of the Wann clan of the Eora nation.

Sewover50 Daily series: Carrie Cunningham began sewing garments when she was 11 years old. She was self- taught until she started High School talked about her sewing journey and her contribution to the community. 

Series 2, Episode 21: Jacinta is a vintage fashion lover; owner of 35 plants and she is sassy as Mariah Carey. You will know Jacinta as the driving force behind ‘spending your money where it counts‘ blog post on Sewcialists published on 6 June.

Sewcialists Tuesday Daily Series podcast with Chloe Read, the Australian Editor of the Sewcialists team lead by Gillian.

Sewcialists Tuesdays

SewOver50 podcast on Thursdays of the Daily Series with Judith Staley, founder of Sewover50; Sandy Bach, Co-founder of Sewover50; Susan Young, official blog writer of Sewover50 and their many Sewover50 followers.

ASG Daily Series podcasts with Louise Sparrow, Chair of Australian Sewing Guild and ASG’s volunteers and industry partners.

ASG Monday Daily series

Evelyn Wood, the founder of the Vintage School of Fashion and the Vintage Sewing School spoke to Maria about her love of vintage fashion. Evelyn is an Aussie who has researched home sewing techniques and brings these techniques to her student through her online sewing school.

Series 2, Episode 13: Emily (bonnets and bits), AJ (confused kitty sewing) and Sara (ladauphine costuming) are the thoughtful force that gives us canyousewthisforme every day in instagram.

Series 2, Episode 10: Chat with Margo and Claire Firth – mother and daughter. When you get the opportunity to meet people in the same family that love repurposing fabric and couture sewing, they’re worth talking to.

Series 2 Episode 9: Kylie of Kylie and the Machine (KATM), and Maria chatted in January. KATM was launched 2 years ago and with the sewing community at the heart of everything she does, you’ll love listening to Kylie.

Series 2, Episode 8: Perfect Again is where you go to find a light bra form that suits your personal needs after a mastectomy. These bra forms are just one option to consider when you’ve already endured the medical and personal trauma of breast cancer and want to look like yourself again. You won’t feel weighed down.

Series 1, Episode 13: Conversation with Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson. Thank you to the Powerhouse Museum for giving us permission to publish this audience recording at this free event.

Series 1, Episode 8: Listen to Anna and Louise chat to Maria about Selective Fine Fabrics 

Series 1 Episode 4: Better online shopping chat with Elizabeth Farr. There was a time when the thought of online fabric shopping was an idea sewing and craft people would not consider or want.

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