Yasmeen – Sand and Stars

Tuesday 11 April 2023: Yasmeen Branton of Sand and Stars helps people learn to do needle turn hand applique.

Yasmeen is running a needle turn hand applique design development workshop at Making Zen Online Retreat – 15 to 19 May 2023. Her aim is to help people find their confidence and creativity through needle turn hand applique.

After completing her art college textiles specialty, Yasmeen took a few years off before she went to the Royal School of Needlework. She did a foundation degree in hand embroidery and she really enjoyed using traditional skills to create beautiful projects.

She was then able to work in costume departments in film and tv where Yasmeen was required to repeat embroidery over and over again for up to 5 of the same pieces of costumes.

As Yasmeen says, ‘It’s the perfectly imperfect that will make it truly yours.’

” My name’s Yasmeen and I live in Surrey, UK with my lovely husband and crazy collie Kobie. Sand & Stars is my business where I focus on the beautiful traditional art of needle turn hand applique through designing patterns, teaching in person and online as well as enjoying the technique myself through personal projects. I’m passionate for everyone to learn this skill to build confidence and enjoy this therapeutic technique whilst creating beautiful projects.

Some of the things I love to do in my spare time is running (or over-eager shuffling is really what I do!), walking, baking and within the last three years developing my knitting skills. I also love other forms of craft – crochet, cross-stitch, essentially anything that involves using my hands to be creative!

Tell me more about yourself and some of the wonderful crafty things you like to do that make you happy!” 

Register for Making Zen Online Retreat today.

Read more about Yasmeen on her website or via her Instagram account.


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