Style Falcon patterns

Diane of Style Falcon patterns

Protect your accounts now

Tuesday 21 March 2023: Diane of Style Falcon patterns is here to pass on some easy ways to keep both your online accounts and those of your family and friends safe.

Tuesday 9 August 2022: Diane of Style Falcon patterns creates patterns using a mature fit model for the basis of her patterns.

Diane tells us about Style Falcon patterns

How Diane found a suitable fit model and why she established the name Style Falcon are some of the topics Diane discusses in her first podcast for SewOver50.

We do discuss falcon as there are many associations of birds and women that are negative. Falcons are strong and have many of the positive connotations Diane wanted to reflect for women.

Diane also discusses the team she has to bring Style Falcon patterns to us with the adjustments we make for our ageing bodies built into every pattern she launches.

Diane has been sewing most of her life and she learnt to sew through her grandmother.

Stay up to date with all the patterns Diane is working on by following her on Instagram and bookmarking her sewing pattern website at

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