SewColourBlocking July challenge

#sewcolourblocking managed by @judywillimentross

The July challenge from Sewover50 is #SewColourBlocking #SewColorBlocking

Judy talks about #SewColourBlocking #SewColorBlocking

It’s a great way to add fun to your wardrobe, use up remnants, refashion unworn garments and simply have fun being creative. You can most certainly put up a new post about an older garment #so50reworn


  • open to all sewists
  • plain colours only (no patterned prints)
  • the challenge runs from July 1 to July 31
  • garments only
  • a new post of your make – it can be #So50reworn
  • use either tag – #SewColourBlocking #SewColorBlocking

What will your colours be? vibrant? monochromatic? tonal? subtle?

Why not add some pattern ideas to help us out on the SewOver50 Instagram account.

Check out the SewOver50 stories for more examples. You do know all SewOver50 instagram stories run 24/7.

Make sure you welcome aboard and thank Judy @judywillimentross who will be managing this challenge. You can find Judy’s podcasts here with her team Sheila and Sue.

Judy @judywillimentross in her epic dress

Colour blocking forces you to use bits of fabric. You are challenged to work within limited constraints. You may have precious fabric you really want to use.

This challenge allows you to use fabric that you really want to plough into with a definite plan. This is an open-ended challenge that is open to everyone.

When you’re posting for #Sewcolourblocking #sewcolourblocking, make sure you also use hashtags like #waiwot for progress photos and #sew50reworn when you’re featuring previous makes that use colour blocking. Your experimenting of colour blocking with your projects will encourage fellow sewists to join you and discuss your sewing journey this month.

Sheila and Sue – challenge panel support

Sheila and Sue

Tuesday 26 October 2021: Sheila of Sheilasewsherclothes and Sue of Modelled_by_Madge are today’s sewing friend guests from the Sewover50 community.

Sheila and Sue are Sewover50 sewing friends

Sewing brought these two sewing friends together but they have more than sewing that keeps them together.

Yes they have different fit issues but they work together to create clothes they love to wear. Both Sheila and Sue provide great suggestions if you’d like to find a sewing friend online.

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