Wis is on the far right. You can recognise your fellow sewing friends

Thursday 26 May 2022: Wis is Wis_g on Instagram. She tells us about how she chose ‘what i sew’ as this phrase uses the first letters of her name Wis. Clever right?

The wonderful Wis is on SewOver50 podcast

Do you also think about should you still blog or not? Wis has also thought about the same issues as she also has a blog where she has posted the information about the clothes she has made.

Wis talks about how she feels about sewing and being a part of the SewOver50 community. Since SewOver50 started in August 2018, she has felt very safe within this community lead by Judith and Sandy.

Saturday 21 May 2022: Wis lives in Gent, is a SewOver50 follower and she attended the in-house (2019) and online Sewing Weekender (2020) events.

Wis podcast at The Sewing Weekender
2019 SewOver50 participants. Wis is 4th from the left. Can you spot Judith, Susan and Carmen?

This is a special podcast created as part of the 2022 Saturday lineup at The Sewing Weekender 2022.

There are a few more podcasts featuring Wis to come. Bookmark this post.

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