Sewing machine magic

Hand sewing period pads

Thursday 19 May 2022: Elle and Suzan talk about Love Binti and how Sewing Machine Magic is one of the programs they run for the local communities.

Learn more about Love Binti

Here’s a YouTube link to Suzan talking about her work in the training centre.

This is a link to their talk at the UN Women UK conference in 2022.

Thursday 28 April 2022: Elle Yang and Suzan Okae talk about Sewing Machine Magic, a program run within the programs run by Love Binti in Uganda.

Elle and Suzan talk about Sewing Machine Magic

Love Binti presented their programs at this year’s Commission into the Status of Women 66 run virtually by the United Nations Women UK group. The sewing machines used to get Sewing Machine Magic started were initially funded through donations from Zonta International in Taiwan.

Elle tells how Sewing Machine Magic was initiated after she learned of the disadvantages girls had through lack of sanitary pads in their communities. Once girls started their menstrual cycles, they were unable to attend school during their periods and then they were unable to continue their education.

Fund raising for the programs run by Love Binti are needed to help run their local programs to help the local communities raise their living standards. They’re currently fund raising for sewing pads.

Elle Yang with girls who can sew their own period pads.

About Love Binti: Love Binti from Swahili means the caring and loving of a girl.
Love Binti exists to care for women in rural areas in Africa and improve their living and health conditions. By upgrading infrastructure and providing vocational training, Love Binti helps women improve their work skills and get out of poverty. Love Binti believes that women are the cornerstone of change. The transformation of a woman’s life can lead to the reversal of a family and even a community.

You can learn more about Love Binti through their website and on Instagram.

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