Lisa gizagiza.gorogoro

Lisa is gizagiza.gorogoro

Tuesday 12 April 2020: Lisa of gizagiza.gorogoro dusted off her sewing machine in March, 2020 to make masks.  Together with her children, they sewed and donated over 6000 masks through the Million Mask Challenge

Lisa is gizagiza.gorogoro

Sewing gave Lisa a sense of purpose and she discovered how meditative sewing could be.  She says that she doesn’t think she would have started sewing clothes if it wasn’t for COVID lockdowns and the need for ppe.

Lisa said ‘When I was little my mom had this awesome set of heavy pinking shears.  She called them “giza giza hasami” or zig zag scissors.  So Giza Giza means zig zag in Japanese. Goro goro is Japanese onomatopeia for the sound that rocks make when they are rolling.  (not stones or pebbles.. that’s koro koro).  My industrial Juki machine makes this sound due to its old clutch motor. Goro goro is also modern japanese slang for “chilling at home” because you are kind of rolling around the house. So I like to think of myself chilling at home, firing up my rumbling Juki and sewing up some zig zag seams.’

This is Lisa’s stylish mother

Lisa tells us about how she’s lucky to live close to Remainders in Pasadena. This is where Lisa sources the wool fabrics she loves sewing the most.

Lisa’s Hawaiian quilt

Make sure you listen to Lisa talk about this quilt.

Since Lisa turned 50, she felt comfortable showing her face in photos of her make. The SewOver50 community gave her this confidence to be brave and show her face on Instagram.

As Lisa says – It’s not too late and you’re not too old.

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