Meet Teresa

Teresa’s response to help support Ukraine sellers on Etsy

Tuesday 15 March 2022: Teresa @desewtropia has developed a listing of Etsy craft sellers who are based in the Ukraine after a recent all call out from Anita daydreamsofquilts

Teresa talks about how she’s contributed her web design skills to help Ukraine Etsy craft businesses
The initial call out by Anita Lehay

Teresa @desewtropia created a list of over 80 Etsy digital craft sellers based in Ukraine after Anita of @daydreamsofquilts put out a call to support craft sellers directly. Etsy has removed the sellers fees from these businesses as well.

Teresa has web development skills and she’s created this listing and a website hosting this list. Links to the Ukrainian Etsy sellers at Teresa’s website at

Teresa loves to sew

From Teresa “Oh, and also we made it so that all the code is open source – so it’s free and available for anyone who wants to use it – you need to be a little nerdy, of course, but it’s there and if someone wants to use it to make a collection of other ways to help people in Ukraine, I’d be thrilled to know about it.’ 

She will keep updating this list as people let her know about Ukraine craft businesses and the list will be available indefinitely.

We also learn about Teresa’s sewing life. Her personal Instagram if anyone’s interested in life in the Andes at the equator is @unpaintedhuffheins (As Teresa says, ‘Yeah, I don’t make my usernames easy do I?’)

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