Alison is Alibobs_sews

Thursday 17 March 2022: Alison Alibobs_sews says the SewOver50 Instagram tip posts are quite useful to her. She’s not over 50 and Alison is a great friend to many sewists online.

Alison shares her embroidery story that binds her to her mother
A sampler by Alison

Alison had her personal embroidery story published in Threads Magazine issue 212. Alison wrote how doing embroidery on the sofa when Alison was diagnosed with breast cancer, as her mother also also done had breast cancer when Alison was 4 years old.

Guess what dress pattern Alison’s wearing.

Alison created embroidered flowers in a vase and did blackwork embroidery to reflect a pixelated portrait.

Alison’s blackwork embroidery

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