Thursday 24 February 2022: @spoolriversewing is how we all know and admire Dawna’s sewing skills and she’s now a SewOver50 podcast guest as well.

Dawna is Spoolriversewing on Instagram

Dawna is a rivertown gal from St Paul, Minnesota, situated on the Mississippi River. She lives a stone’s throw away from the banks of this mighty river and she walks by it every day. Dawna is an English major and at university she read ‘Spoonriver Anthology’ which is a collection of poems about rural life in America. It’s essentially a tapestry of life and her sewing life is definitely a tapestry of her life as well.

You can find Dawn on her blog and on instagram.

Dawna has a very long sewing career and her daughters have also attended sewing camp. You’ll love listening to her sewing reflections.

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