Seam ripper and friends

Seam ripper and friends by Sabine and Murni

Thursday 16 December 2021: Seam ripper and friends on Instagram, run by 2 friends Sabine and Murni are today’s sewing friends podcast for Sewover50.’

Sabine and Murni are the friends that drive Seamripper and friends

Seam ripper and friends is a collaborative Instagram account that was an idea of Sabina and her friend Murni supported her to start this very recent sewing account.

Seam ripper and friends has a team of volunteers that are experimenting with this account to engage a variety of people since they started this account this year.

Murni stated that Sewover50 rocks and Sabine is also in awe of the work that Sewover50 does to engage people from all communities on Instagram.

Their friendship and online team demonstrates that Sewover50 does intersect with all communities.

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