Wendy of Whendy7

Tuesday 7 December 2021: Wendy or Whendy7 was nominated to be on the podcast recently because she does some very creative mending.

Whendy7 tells her story

Visible mending is a skill she is developing everyday. Her parents gave her the lifelong value to mend. Wendy tells a great story about how both her mother and father helped her save both her school skirt and her bike.

Wendy is working out Liz’s latest zero waste pattern on paper

Wendy is inspired by the efficiency and cleverness of zero waste patterns. She particularly enjoys Liz Haywood’s patterns. Wendy sees Liz’s pattern like reading a good novel. She gets absorbed into the journey and enjoys each new insight or revelation as Liz reveals her new patterns on Instagram.

Wendy and Tricia

Mending Mayhem is such a fun group for Wendy and she thanks Tricia for introducing them to her. Katrine and Anette, who run it, exude enthusiasm and mending positivity. They celebrate all kinds of mending – even a snowmobile! The regular reappearance of Mr Mayhem’s jacket and jeans is a source of great fun and there is shared empathy for the never diminishing pile of sock mends that so many people have.

Mending sock and showing these on IG in a fun way

If Wendy has mending, she posts them for #mendingmayem and @evelyn_wood ‘s #mondaymending – even if it is very ‘boring’ – each week.

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