Tuesday 30 November 2021: Emily or loveaslugtoo talks about why they are a ruthless blocker.

Emily discusses her sewing and the social issues in our sewing community

Emily is careful about online safety and keeps their password and identity safe, as well as their own mental self. The ongoing phishing that happens online doesn’t stop Emily from sharing their sewing projects or on their views of life.

Emily tells us about how they protect their online selves through having both a private Instagram account and a public account.

They’ve tapped into a rage of voices of women who are over 50 and fat who are silenced by many parts of the media, by makers and by influencers. Emily is current working in fat studies at university level. They discuss images and influencers to be thin through various generations and the pressure many people have lived through during their lives.

The changed that happen to our bodies over 50 and due to menopause is still not talked about. Acknowledging older voices in any craft needs to be recognised.

There are a lot of issues Emily covers so it’s worth while having a few listens to what they talk about. They’re very insightful.

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