Nikki Ansell

Thursday 21 October 2021: Nikki or @itchycoopark23 lives with long covid and she shares how her life has changed since March 2020.

Nikki Ansell shares her life living with long Covid

If you have experienced loss of your loved ones, please be aware this podcast may be a trigger for you.

Nikki’s July makes

Nikki was one of our Sewover50 followers who was recently featured in the #chronicallysewn post. Nikki balances her crafting life of sewing and knitting with severe fatigue and manages her pain when her day has been too demanding.

Nikki features Ziggy the Romanian Rescue Dog on her Instagram account. Ziggy (previously Galene) is about 2 years old and the family are besotted by her❤️

She’s gentle, quiet and shy, as we expected her to be, but there’s been some tail wagging so all’s good 😀
Definitely going to need to get some ‘Contains Dog Hairs’ labels for my Me-mades, this one’s a shedder (a new experience for us)
She does, of course, have her own IG @ziggy_starpaws_ my daughter will assist her with the typing.
Huge thanks to @romanian.rescue.appeal and Arc Transport for bringing her to us. You guys do amazing work!


Nikki shares the tools she now relies upon so she can continue to sew the clothes she enjoys wearing, with pride.

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