Corrie Lewis-Bishop

Corrie Lewis-Bishop

Thursday 15 July 2021: Corrie has taken the power to present herself through sewing her own clothes. She talks about how this act of making your own clothes is a political stance.

Corrie Lewis-Bishop is a sewover50 follower and an advocate for sewists over 50 and size inclusivity
Corrie is in Cashmerette’s new book – Ahead of the Curve. Photo: Brooke Harwood for Cashmerette.

Corrie uses the same use of resources that she has done all her life as a ceramicist for making her own clothes. You’ll hear how she has taken up sewing later in life and now can’t believe that it took her so long to do this.

These are some of Corrie’s ceramic products

Corrie has been recognised for her sewing stance in the latest book published by Cashmette – Ahead of the curve. This is great recognition for Corrie making her clothes and challening the ongoing revolution in the pattern industry to include larger size ranges and make sewists over 50 visible.

Corrie makes amazing clothes

Corrie finds it’s really powerful to wear clothes that you love, that fit you and make you feel confident in how you present yourself. Sewists have that power in every garment they make.

She talks about the feedback she received when she wrote a guest post for Sewover50 in May this year.

You can have a great time looking at Corrie’s shop of ceramic makes. She lives and breathes years of creativity experience in each piece.

And of course, you can find Corrie on Instagram as Ceramic67

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