Thursday 17 June 2021: Chuleenan or csews contributes to her local sewing community and to the online sewing community.

Chuleenan for Sewover50

Chuleenan or C Sews is the long time Bay Area Sewists organiser. You can find Bay Area Sewists on

One of her great online sewing contributions is her sewing pattern height chart she has recently updated. Culeenan is 5′ 7″ (170 cm) and in 2017 when she wrote her post about the challenges of sewing patterns that are based on various body heights. That was the same year she created this chart so sewists could quickly see the heights used by various sewing pattern companies.

She’s finished a much more significant update in February of this year. Chuleenan went through the entire chart and updated all the links to the size charts and I added a new column of information – size ranges. Since she created the chart in 2017, many companies have expanded their size ranges so she’s also included that information in the chart. Some companies don’t yet have all of their patterns in expanded sizes so there are a lot of asterisks in the chart with explanations below the chart about what is available in extended sizes.

Chuleenan in her fabric element

As she says about Sewover50, ‘I love seeing what other sewists are making, the sewing challenges like pattern mixing, and to see sewing details, which are so inspiring. Sewover50 shares so much great information. I was really excited that Sewover50 highlighted my sewing pattern height chart.’

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