Meet Des Whitehorn

Des Whitehorn wearing that ‘dress’

Sewing Save Series: Des is most happiest with a needle in her hands. You’ll hear how her sewing journey began and understand why sewing brings her joy.

Des Whitehorn and that dress

Des is able to sew great projects through saving garments and furniture. You’ll find out how Des does this in her contribution to the Sewing Save Series.

This sewing save is Des’s first for the podcast. She’s taken a dress she isn’t happy with and converts it to culottes! You’ll hear her thought process to decide what remake would suit her best.

Here’s a link to Des’s website and her instagram account.

Sewing Save Series 14 August 2020: This week Des talks about her joy in creating a christening dress from a bridal gown. That catch was that the bridal gown was supposed to be kept for future use by the next generations. Hear how she made this work.

Sewing Save Series – Des Whitehorn 14 August 2020

Des’s refashion heirloom refashion project


  1. Des is so talented and loads of fun to follow on Instagram. She’s a wealth of knowledge and always willing to help and provide useful input on my makes. I welcome any assistance that will help make my sewing look professional and easier.


  2. Des is a sewing genius! She shares her knowledge on Instagram. I often turn to her saved stories to look up a certain technique. It’s wonderful to be able to communicate with her.


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