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Thursday 22 April 2021: Jo Andrew is back with her latest podcast series – season 2 – focussing on feelings.

The amazing Jo Andrews of Haptic and Hue podcast

Friday 20 November 2020: Jo Andrews is the very experienced broadcaster that produces, writes, interviews weaving experts, researches weaving and edits Haptic and Hue podcast. Jo does it all.

Listen to Jo Andrews of Haptic & Hue podcast

Jo felt useless at sewing at school, totally useless. She became a radio reporter and then TV News reporter for BBC and ITN, and covered so many horrible wars that took place close to the her UK home at that time of her career, and lots of politics.

Jo then went to New Zealand and learnt to weave at night school. She absolutely loved it. While Jo was in New Zealand she also worked as journalist all over the Pacific.

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn episode

Eventually Jo went to the UK, was Senior TV correspondent, politics and foreign reporting and weaving all the while. Jo set up various enterprises, including one to measure gender balance in the workplace.

Jo started the Haptic and Hue website to think about the hidden hands behind textiles and the way in which they are a detective story you can hold.

She made scrubs in the first lockdown. Jo also started making podcasts in September 2019 and she continues to weave. Jo actually is good at the sewing machine.

Subscribe to Haptic and Hue so you can listen to season 1 because you know there will be season 2 to look forward to.

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