Meet Jayne Wright

Thursday 12 November 2020: Jayne says that being part of Sewover50 is like having ‘fabric penpals’. You’ll know her as Janyeraven There’s a very local story about how Jayne’s IG name came about.

Jayne is passionate about her crafts
Jayne Wright uses her passion for sewing and not creating landfill

Jayne may have only started sewing 2 years ago but you’ll appreciate why she decided to become sewing obsessed. Jayne created her own local sewover20 group with her daughter and their friends.

She will reuse fabrics etc where possible but Jayne will by her fabrics locally and she sources wool from Yorkshire or New Zealand. Make sure you follow The Sewing Resistance, run by Jayne, Vintage Tina and Steinmakes. They’re a global textile project giving a voice to hopes and dreams. Make sure you read about Arpilleras too.

Jayne says, ‘This interview with Maria gave me an opportunity to take stock of 17 months of sewing. It most certainly is not normal to do as much as I have I did not know what to talk about first and did not want to leave anything out especially as one thing leads to another creatively, if you let it. I do immerse myself in activities and my textile, clay and gardening hobbies feed my obsessive personality harmlessly. It is important to me to consider sustainability and the impact my activities have on our environment, I reuse and recycle as much as I can, I am that person who makes things out of fly tipped clothes I find in the streets. 

Jayne is ready to add finesse to her makes

My sewing began using remnants and my friend’s leftover fabrics it has continued in this vain. Fabric buying is a treat and I will only buy from small independent businesses. I like to buy fabric and yarn on my travels. I also like to buy fabric from places I have a connection with. I get my yarn from Yorkshire and New Zealand. It is happening again rambling poor Maria had to suffer my verbal diarrhoea, so I must stop. I must say thank you to @sewover50 huge hugs to my instabuddies who I am extremely fond of. I urge you to take a look @thesewingresistance and play #memadecharades with us next time.’

Special thanks to Maria I promise to be more brief if we ever do another podcast.

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