Sewing save series (or hiding the crime)

Friday 13 November 2020: This month’s mending guest for Mending Mayhem is Selina. It is a bit silly how I created the name: everything was taken for Selina, so I added “am” (Amsterdam); it was also taken, at the end I added “05” because 5 is my favourite number😉

Selina talks about how sashiko is her covid hobby

Friday 6 November 2020: Katrine of Mending Mayhem discusses 4 mending techniques and refers to great menders across the globe.

Katrine discusses four handy mending techniques
Meet Uli

Friday 23 October 2020: You’ll find Uli or schneckstein creating amazing mending on an amazing array of textiles. Uli lives in Kunststopfen, Kassel in Germany where she creates visible mends with such beauty. Uli has been featured in the Wednesday collage posted by Mending Mayhem’s Katrine.Uli shares her love and creativity of mending with us

Uli shares her mending creativity with us

Uli uses embroidery, crotchet and weaving techniques to embellish that various mends she accomplishes each week.

Her love of mending began when she was 4 years old and her mother taught her the importance of making sure you buy good quality goods and extend their life through mending.

Her eye for design influences her mending ideas and her children help her decide on the mend idea to pursue. They play a game to image what a hole to be mended looks like. The first one Uli mentioned was hand sewn into an elephant. And the fun of deciding how a mend should look like has continued.

Uli’s creativity makes each visible mend unique and easy on the eyes. It’s when you look at the detailing that you then start to appreciate her mending artistry. Uli follows other great menders like Mending Mayhem, Marlen @milli_and_the_bee, Mending kate

Friday 15 October 2020: Sue Stoney, the creator of the Sewing Save Series has a few more sewing saves that she shares with us today. The first one is all about her first Gyo top and the lengths she went to saving it.

Sue always makes the most of the fabrics she has in her stash.
Two more projects saved by Sue Stoney

She initially spoke about her Flint shorts and what she did to save them for another Summer season. Go to Sue’s post with all the specific save details she discussed in this podcast.

Here is a close up of the Flint shorts

Friday 9 October 2020: Katrine of Mending Mayhem provides her tips for buying second hand notions and fabric. You’ll save money and lessen the impact on the environment.

Friday 9 October – Buying second hand notions and fabrics

Friday 18 September 2020: Mending Mayhem is back from their Summer break. Katrine discusses this week’s visible mending collage and the basics of mending.

Friday 18 September 2020: Mending Mayhem are back from their Summer break.
Mending Mayhemmers weekly collage 16 September 2020

Use our #mendingmayhem and your mending have a chance to be featured next week.
Here are the Mending Mayhemmers for 16 September 2020:
🧵@lorenz.cherry for amazing and well done tapestry circle on the back of a coat 🧥 ⭕❤️
🧵@judymerrillsmith for a much patched hoodie, it’s just gorgeous Judy 💕 😍
🧵@dithyramber for making waves with a sailboat ⛵ mend on jeans 👖 it’s such a brilliant mend Heather 👏 ❤️
🧵@eseartstudio Eric always comes up with creative solutions. We just love the dragonfly keeping your much loved hat together 🎩❤️
🧵@ruthannsmalley mending the back of a denim shirt 👚 with a gorgeous dandelion ❤️nice stitching Ruth 👌❤️
🧵@swoodsonsays despite her love for patches Stephanie went for a embroidery mend this time. We love your flower 🌸, good choice 👏❤️
🧵@alexonver for very colourful and fresh darning denim 🌈❤️you work with the darning loom is amazing Alex 👌
🧵@schneckstein Uli are impressing us with her beautiful bike 🚲 mend on socks 🧦 ❤️
Well done everyone 🎉💫🎉
Thank you all for using our #mendingmayhem and for contributing to the mending community ❤️
Keep up the good work.

Hope over to the Mending Mayhem podcast post for great darning information.

Friday 11 September 2020: September has many sustainability challenges on Instagram and Illaria or Ilaasiam is an Australian local that has a sustainability hashtag you might want to learn more about #sustainablestylesept.

Sewing Save Series with Ilaria

Tricia of Morrissews is currently ensuring we all know the variety of sustainability challenges that are happening right now with her daily IG posts such as  #septtextilelove
 @seam_collective #sewsustainablefabric #sewsustainablefabric #sustainablestylesept 

Tricia of Morrissews

Tricia was on the podcast in August for Sewover50 Thursday podcast, talking about her sustainable approach to sewing.

Hannah and Rosie of The New Craft House are running #Sewyourselfsustainable

Make sure you follow #sewyourselfsustainable by @newcrafthouse You’re doing a splendid job each day Hannah and Rosie with your daily sustainable prompts.

Make sure you follow New Craft House

Friday 4 September 2020: On the Sewing Save Series, Margot is back talking us about her coat save which is now owned and proudly worn by her niece. The coat using wool with with silver fleck and alpaca is 70 years old.

Margot wearing the coat she saved for her niece
Sewing Save Series – Margot’s coat save

The coat is over 70 years old. The buttons were purchased from Harrods when there was a haberdashery department when she was visiting the UK in the 70s and the new lining was purchased online this year.

She’s also given us her technique to refresh the coat fabric without ruining it.

Sewing Save Series: Katrine and Suzie are the Mending mayhem team. Mending is part of their daily lives and not just mending clothes. Mending is done with love.

Mending Mayhem part 1 for Sewing Save Series 21 August 2020

Sewing Save Series: Part 2 with Katrine and Suzie is about mending and cherishing memories. The mending examples that Katrine and Suzie discussed in part 2, clearly link mending to wonderful memories. Making sure we avoid adding to landfill is top of mind when mending but the mending driving force for Katrine and Suzie is all about saving wonderful memories.

Part 2: Mending and memories

Every item has more than one life and mending is an everyday part of their lives.

Every item has more than one life and mending is an everyday part of their lives. You don’t have to be skilled to mend and if you’re thinking of starting have a look at Mending mayhem.

Sewing Save Series 14 August 2020: This week Des talks about her joy in creating a christening dress from a bridal gown. That catch was that the bridal gown was supposed to be kept for future use by the next generations. Hear how she made this work.

Sewing Save Series – Des Whitehorn 14 August 2020

Sewing Save Series Friday 7 August 2020: Des is most happiest with a needle in her hands. You’ll hear how her sewing journey began and understand why sewing brings her joy.

Here’s a link to Des’s website and her instagram account.

Des Whitehorn
Des Whitehorn and that dress

Des is able to sew great projects through saving garments and furniture. You’ll find out how Des does this in her contribution to the Sewing Save Series.

Sue’s linen tablecloth save

Series 3, Episode 2: Sue is back to tell us about how she saved a vintage linen table cloth. Sue is an avid op shopper and saving or reusing existing items are her speciality. You can read her blog post about more linen refashions too.

Preloved linen reuse ideas by Sue Stoney
This Sorento bucket hat is also made from the vintage linen napkins.

Sue shares her natural dyeing methods and her proven process for bringing vintage pieces back to a more useful life.

Series 3, Episode 1: Sue Stoney is a creative crafter and is an educator, hence we’re excited for Sue to start this series where you can get to share your sewing saves with our listeners.

Sue Stoney’s Marimekko save
Series 3, Episode 1: Marimekko remnant becomes Sue’s dream dress.

Like many of us, Sue loves remnants and using pre-loved items. The dilemma is remnant fabrics are often too small for what you thought they could become. Each episode Sue will give us the back story behind each project/s.

What you will get out of these sessions is you can ask Sue for her ideas of how to make your remnant work for you. 

You can contact us on our instagram account, facebook account or on this website.


  1. I love how you’re developing the podcast: your focussed series’ are great. And the first two instalments of this sewing-saves one were lots of fun! I so much enjoy welcoming sewists of good heart, such as Sue Stoney, into my home.


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