Meet Amanda

Friday 30 October 2020:  Amanda is a 30 something lady living in Canberra, Australia with her husband, dog and cat. She rediscovered the joy of sewing after helping her friend make Amanda’s wedding dress in 2011 and since then she’s been hooked!

Amanda: sewasaurus | knitter | runner | adventurer | dog + cat mum d+d nerd | dice maker | #bpsewvember host | she/her living on Ngunnawal + Ngambri land
#bpsewvember is run by Amanda of Bimble and Pimble since 2014

Armed with google, youtube and a penchant for asking awkward questions at fabric stores she’s been slowly teaching herself the fun of taking pieces of cloth and creating something amazing.

Bimble and Pimble

Bimble and Pimble is named after her two late dogs Button T. Wuzzle Esq (Bimble) and Popsicle O’Snuffle (Pimble). As she rediscovered sewing it was with these two puppers at her feet who liked to stare at her quizzically when Amanda would get cross at her sewing machine. In Amanda’s older posts you will see their sweet little faces popping up occasionally. They were always reluctant models though…

#bpSewvember 2020! This year this is one week of rad photo prompts focused on sharing your stories and projects with other rad sewasauruses. Each day Amanda will pop up a prompt with some extra information and ideas in the caption. For those who enjoy IG Stories, there will be a fresh daily template to use as well with a taster one up in Amanda’s feed right now. This year bpSewvember starts on 1 November and runs to 7 November!
As always, the aim of bpSewvember is to make connections across the sewing community and meet other rad sewists meaning there is no right or wrong way to participate! Respond to the prompts/templates/captions that appeal to you or lurk the hashtag and meet new folks! Amanda will be sharing photos and stories that catch her eye in her feed each day!

The original #BPsewvember – where it all started

You’ll find the full details of Amanda’s makes on her website Bimble & Pimble.

You can always contact Amanda to join in with the CBR Sewing Crew.

Where sharing is caring with the CBR Sewing Crew

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