Meet Sue Stoney

Sue Stoney – all clothes and shoes made by Sue

Friday 15 October 2020: Sue has a few more sewing saves that she shares with us on the Sewing Save Series today. The first one is all about her first Gyo top and the lengths she went to saving it.

Two more projects saved by Sue Stoney

She initially spoke about her Flint shorts and what she did to save them for another Summer season. Go to Sue’s post with all the specific save details she discussed in this podcast.

Here is a close up of the Flint shorts
Sue always makes the most of the fabrics she has in her stash.

Series 3, Episode 1: Sue Stoney is a creative crafter and is an educator, hence we’re excited for Sue to start this series where you can get to share your sewing saves with our listeners. Make sure you listen to this new series – Sewing Save Series – led by Sue.

Series 3, Episode 1: Marimekko remnant becomes Sue’s dream dress.

Like many of us, Sue loves remnants and using pre-loved items. The dilemma is remnant fabrics are often too small for what you thought they could become. Each episode Sue will give us the back story behind each project/s. Make sure you read the full details of this project on Sue’s blog post.

Sewover50 Stalwart: You may already be a fan of Sue Stoney through her blog fadanista – for indulging in fads or through her intagram account. Sue has always been on our list of people to chat to and thankfully Sue was able to fit in a chat with Maria over a morning coffee in Sue’s home, via Zoom of course.

Sue Stoney: Sewover50 Stalwart 3 June 2020

Under the guise of chatting to Sue in her role as a Sewover50 stalwart, we hope you enjoy hearing about Sue’s sewing and crafting journey. She’s been making something since she was a little girl, living in England.

Judith and Sue in Edinburgh

Sue’s career has put the brakes on her sewing life but she’s always come back to her passion for sewing and being creative.

Designin’ December 2019

Sue talks about the ‘one year one outfit’ project started by Nicki of This is moonlight. Sue was one of the participants of this project.

Megan Nielson community photo shoot

You’ll have to listen to her podcast because there’s so much more to hear about Sue.

Sue’s NYC travels

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