Mending mayhem

Sewing Save Series: Katrine and Suzie began Mending mayhem. Mending is part of their daily lives and not just mending clothes. Mending is done with love.

Katrine’s work space built with thrifted materials

Friday 9 October 2020: Katrine of Mending Mayhem provides her tips for buying second hand notions and fabric. You’ll save money and lessen the impact on the environment.

Friday 9 October – Buying second hand notions and fabrics

Friday 18 September 2020: Katrine of Mending Mayhem is back from her Summer break. Katrine discusses this week’s visible mending collage and the basics of mending.

Friday 18 September 2020: Mending Mayhem are back from their Summer break.
Mending Mayhemmers weekly collage 16 September 2020

Use our #mendingmayhem and your mending have a chance to be featured next week.
Here are the Mending Mayhemmers for 16 September 2020:
🧡@lorenz.cherry for amazing and well done tapestry circle on the back of a coat πŸ§₯ β­•β€οΈ
🧡@judymerrillsmith for a much patched hoodie, it’s just gorgeous Judy πŸ’• 😍
🧡@dithyramber for making waves with a sailboat β›΅ mend on jeans πŸ‘– it’s such a brilliant mend Heather πŸ‘ ❀️
🧡@eseartstudio Eric always comes up with creative solutions. We just love the dragonfly keeping your much loved hat together 🎩❀️
🧡@ruthannsmalley mending the back of a denim shirt πŸ‘š with a gorgeous dandelion ❀️nice stitching Ruth πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ
🧡@swoodsonsays despite her love for patches Stephanie went for a embroidery mend this time. We love your flower 🌸, good choice πŸ‘β€οΈ
🧡@alexonver for very colourful and fresh darning denim 🌈❀️you work with the darning loom is amazing Alex πŸ‘Œ
🧡@schneckstein Uli are impressing us with her beautiful bike 🚲 mend on socks 🧦 ❀️
Well done everyone πŸŽ‰πŸ’«πŸŽ‰
Thank you all for using our #mendingmayhem and for contributing to the mending community ❀️
Keep up the good work.

Darning is an easy skill to get your mending skills started. Here are darning techniques supplied by Katrine.

 The pictures above show how the darning loom is used. Roberta Cummings has a very good tutorial in her Instagram highlights

Other types include Pick up stitches for knit fabrics, Scottish darning, Finnish darning and Japanese stitches.

Darning tools: These are your easy to find tools- Darning needles, blended threads, darning mushroom and access to darning tutorials.

Katrine’s darning tip: Katrine suggests that when you’re darning wool fabrics, use a blended yarn to ensure your darning lasts longer.

This is a link to a Scottish darning technique by Marlene Meiners @milli_and_the_bee She also has a link to Swiss darning technique and Duplicate stitch. Thank you for your permission to link to your darning tutorial Marlene.

Mending mayhem
Mending Mayhem part 1 for Sewing Save Series 21 August 2020

Sewing Save Series: Part 2 with Katrine and Suzie is about mending and cherishing memories. The mending examples that Katrine and Suzie discussed in part 2, clearly link mending to wonderful memories. Making sure we avoid adding to landfill is top of mind when mending but the mending driving force for Katrine is all about saving wonderful memories.

Part 2: Mending and memories

Every item has more than one life and mending is an everyday part of their lives.

The visible mending movement has over 76,000 IG posts. Mend March is another great hashtag to follow.

‘Mend don’t spend’

An important aspect of mending is that you can’t go wrong with visible mending. There is no right or wrong way to mend visibly. Visible mending is all about what you like, or want, or how you want to give new life to your clothing/shoes/accessories.

Visible mending is achievable for everyone. You don’t have to be skilled in a craft. You do need to be creative but again, that’s your personal preference and when you follow Mending Mayhem, or any mending hashtag, you can find many mending options to choose from for your needs.

Evelyn Woods is a big supporter of Monday Mending. Wednesday collage of mending from the previous week and a guest post on a Friday. Button swap was a huge hit this year. Morrissews or Tricia has helped Katrine and Suzie run the A to Z of mending.

Over 4,000 Instagram followers agree Mending Mayhem is a fun and friendly mending community. And you can follow mending community on the Mending Mayhem group on Facebook and the Mending Mayhem blog. Katrine also posts her mending projects on their personal Instagram accounts. Katrine posts on her blog as well. Mending Mayhem were mentioned in a news article about mending in The Guardian.

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