Sewing save series (or hiding the crime)

Sue’s linen tablecloth save

Series 3, Episode 2: Sue is back to tell us about how she saved a vintage linen table cloth. Sue is an avid op shopper and saving or reusing existing items are her speciality. You can read her blog post about more linen refashions too.

Preloved linen reuse ideas by Sue Stoney
This Sorento bucket hat is also made from the vintage linen napkins.

Sue shares her natural dyeing methods and her proven process for bringing vintage pieces back to a more useful life.

Series 3, Episode 1: Sue Stoney is a creative crafter and is an educator, hence we’re excited for Sue to start this series where you can get to share your sewing saves with our listeners.

Sue Stoney’s Marimekko save
Series 3, Episode 1: Marimekko remnant becomes Sue’s dream dress.

Like many of us, Sue loves remnants and using pre-loved items. The dilemma is remnant fabrics are often too small for what you thought they could become. Each episode Sue will give us the back story behind each project/s.

The dress inspiration Sue wanted to recreate

What you will get out of these sessions is you can ask Sue for her ideas of how to make your remnant work for you. 

You can contact us on our instagram account, facebook account or on this website.

Sewing Save Series Friday 7 August 2020: Des is most happiest with a needle in her hands. You’ll hear how her sewing journey began and understand why sewing brings her joy.

Des Whitehorn
Des Whitehorn and that dress

Des is able to sew great projects through saving garments and furniture. You’ll find out how Des does this in her contribution to the Sewing Save Series.

Here’s a link to Des’s website and her instagram account. More from Des next week.


  1. I love how you’re developing the podcast: your focussed series’ are great. And the first two instalments of this sewing-saves one were lots of fun! I so much enjoy welcoming sewists of good heart, such as Sue Stoney, into my home.


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