Meet @Whitneygoose

Whitney’s vintage sewing achievements

Tuesday 4 August 2020: On the Sewcialists ‘Who we are’ series, Whitney wrote about her historical sewing journey and the challenges she has faced. Whitney sews historical clothing and she researches the significance of these pieces as well as the techniques and styling used.

Whitney Remington for Sewcialist Tuessday 4 August 2020
This is how Whitney has brought historical styling into her life. The garden is all her work too.

Whitney wanted to touch on how there’s now a growing community of people who also vintage/historical clothing and incorporating it into their wardrobes. The term “HistoryBounding” was recently coined by Morgan Donnor (a historical costumer on YouTube) and it is a very useful label for describing this style.

Whitney specifically encourages other BIPOC, who may be afraid to dip their toes into this style due to lack of representation, or for fear of being unwelcome or being ridiculed.

She walks us through how Whitney was inspired to make 1940’s Rosie the Riveter Overalls after she deciding to become a Trucker (a very male-dominated career field), just as many women during WWII donned similarly practical hard-wearing garments to work the typically “male” jobs left by the men who went to fight in the war. “We can do it!”

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