Meet Claire Emerson

Tuesday 28 July: Claire Emerson recently wrote about her apprentice tailor experience for Sewcialists as part of their Who we are series. Claire is a qualified Saville Row tailor now for 14 years and when she started, she had never threaded a sewing machine.

Claire Emerson is speaking on Sewcialists Tuesday 28 July 2020
Claire in her workspace

Have a closer look at the image above and you’ll see her collection of shears. She talks about her shears as part of her passion for tailoring in her podcast. You can follow Claire on her instagram account and marvel at her work.

Internal structure underway in Claire’s workshop

The apprentice journey is long and you build your skills up with practice and under the guidance of an experienced tailor like Claire. As an apprentice, you learn the techniques of your particular tailor and in reality, the skills you learn have been developed over generations. It’s a worthwhile skill to dedicate your life to.

So much amazing hand stitched detailing

If you’re interested in Claire’s skills, you can watch her skills on her instagram account as she’s posting up some of the detailing involved in coat making – her specialty.

Where the bespoke handwork takes place on the inside of a coat

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