Thread talk series

Series 2, Episode 26: Juliet Walsh answers the thread questions from our Instagram followers. Download your copy of her troubleshooting checklist.

Thread talk Q&A with Juliet Walsh

Series 2, Episode 23: Juliet Walsh is back with more sewing thread info. She also has tips for buying good quality threads. Juliet encourages us to experiment with our sewing threads so we get the best result for our projects. Did you know Gutermann have been producing sewing threads from PET bottles. They’ve been doing this for 10 years.

Juliet discusses the variety of sewing threads for all your project needs.

Series 2, Episode 22: Juliet Walsh chats about the technology behind Gutermann sewing threads including cotton threads, quilting threads, sew-all threads, silk threads, elastic threads, metallic threads and the list goes on. You can hear just how much Juliet loves her work.

Juliet has just started to talk about sewing thread technology

Series 2, Episode 20: Juliet Walsh is a local sewing thread expert and each Friday she will give us more details about her love of Gutermann threads. She is their local area manager so she should have lots of insight into their thread products.

Juliet Walsh explains her love of sewing threads

Each Friday she will talk about sewing threads in a bit more detail. Grab a cuppa and listen in.


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