Sewing Weekender online

Series 2, Episode 19: @Englishgirlathome or Charlotte works with Kate and Rachel of The Foldline and launched the first online Sewing Weekender on 13 and 14 June 2020.

10 June 2020: Charlotte Powell talks about how the Sewing Weekender will work this year.

The Sewing Weekender is an informal community sewing event, read their round up of the event last year with featured speakers and vlogs from attendees. This year all activities happened online and 100% off profits from tickets sold went to the charities
NHS Charities Together
the mental health charity Mind
The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and
Black Lives Matter.

Tuesday 16 June 2020 – Sewcialists Sewing Weekender wrap up
The Sewing Weekender 2020 is online this year!

The team thanked all of the bloggers, vloggers, businesses and designers that generously gave their time to help the team create the first Online Sewing Weekender. They also raise over 23,000 UK pounds for charities that are doing vital work to support them through this pandemic.

At a previous Sewing Weekender

When we spoke about this event with Chloe Read of the Sewcialists before the event, Maria had already bought her ticket and was excited to attend.

Kate talking about this year’s Sewing Weekender.

Tickets are available here:

2019 Sewover50 crew

More information can be found on The Fold Line blog: You can read their round up of this event at the Fold Line.

See any familiar faces in this group?

Have a look at all the Sewing Weekender participants on Instagram using #sewingweekender where they shared their makes and sewing progress.

2019 Sewing Weekender goodie bag

There was also a neat Sewing weekender bingo to have fun with.

Fabulous work !!!!

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