Maz Lifestyle

Series 2 episode 5: When you live in rural Australia and wouldn’t live anywhere else, you’ll hear how Maz of Maz lifestyle goes about her busy life, battling the elements and finding time to sew. On this podcast you’ll realise why we think Maz is the type of person you’ll want as your neighbour.

Maz is a mum of 4 and a grandmother however she gives her time and energy to her community in Carinda so you’ll hear about they celebrate David Bowie each year at the Carinda pub.

You’ll also hear how her family manage her regular photo taking for her Instagram account.

There are so many funny stories in this podcast but also many stories about how the local community comes together to help their neighbours in times of need.

Maz is a Cossie Confidence ambassador, showing women that you should have fun and embrace who you are now.

Maz and her daughter Lizzie also have an online store Lizzy and me designs selling their handmade clutches, bags and earrings. It’s their way of bringing their outback aesthetic to you. 

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