Vero of Sacotin patterns

Series 2 episode 1: Vero Pinson of Sacotin patterns

Vero Pinson of Sacotin patterns

Vero Pinson, the designer who is Sacotin patterns has gone from strength to strength since she first decided to take time off from her full time job and bring her bag designs to life 6 years ago. Sacotin patterns have grown slowly and steadily through word of mouth creating a huge following of Sacotin addicts. That is the name of the facebook group that generates and showcases their multitude of sacotin bags every week.

Vero has studied communication, however her patterns have shown that a well-developed product will sell itself. You’ll hear how Vero builds each pattern using techniques she is developing. Meanwhile she has new bag pattern ideas forming in her creative mind just bursting to become the next new pattern. Keep an ear out for Vero’s handy tips for using Odicoat.

This podcast has a transcript in both English and French.
Thank you Vero and Cyrielle for creating the French transcript. Each of these transcripts took 6 hours to create and we’ve done this especially for our global listening friends.

A special treat for our listeners are these sewing planners designed for you by Vero.
sewing note planner in English
sewing note planner in French

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