Amy and Ali May

Episode 14: Meet Amy our Brisbane correspondent chatting with Alison May, aka Alimay on Instgram. They’re just shooting the breeze at social sewing one afternoon amongst their Brisbane Spoolette friends. 17 minutes of easy audio fun.

Introducing Making Marilyn emulating Elle or Amy Tuite. She’s our super sharp Brisbane correspondent who is all about sewing.

Amy Tuite: Brisbane Correspondent

She’s a Brisbane Spoolette that lives and breathes sewing when her wonderful cat Mr Smoochy gives her a break from his adorable cuddle powers. Cats need to be adored right!

Amy is all about sewing especially when you follow her Instagram account. Yes Mr Smoochy does feature in her IG posts as does Fluffy bubba.

Ali May over joyed fabric shopping in Kuala Lumpur on another travel adventure

Amy chats with Ali of Alimmay at Sewing Social one early Spring weekend.

Ali May shares her latest sewing joys on Instagram. Ali May also shares the art and creativity of the places she travels to as well. Capes4Kids and Our lady of Leisure patterns are mentioned in this podcast.

At another wonderful Brisbane Spoolette event.

If you’ve ever attended a Brisbane Spoolette event, you’ll know that both Amy and Ali May are part of this great group of locals that share their love of sewing and instinctively know how to make you feel welcome.

2019 Brisbane Spoolette Frocktails

Drop Amy a message on her Instagram account so she knows you appreciate her work and want to hear more ‘on the spot’ Brisbane podcasts.

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