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We found Jimmy buttons

Anne at Jimmy Buttons front door

Series 1 Episode 1 Listen to our very first podcast!!! 9 minutes audio time recorded at Jimmy Buttons.

Get to Jimmy buttons at 375 George Street, Fitzroy, Victoria

Take a peek inside.

Location 375 George Street, Fitzroy, Victoria  Call (03) 9419 4500

Email: source@jimmybuttons.com.au
Website: http://www.jimmybuttons.com.au

Melbourne’s an easy place to get around if you’re staying for a short visit. Jump on a tram to get to Jimmy Buttons – an icon to the sewing community. It’s where we can source all sorts of notions locally. Jimmy has been serving the clothing community and the sewing community now for 31 years and he confessed to us that he wants a holiday.

You can read more about Jimmy Buttons:

This podcast was produced by Maria Theoharous, Anne Whalley and tram directions by Bruce Whalley. Interview permission obtained from Jimmy! Video by Bruce Whalley. Podcast editing by Maria Theoharous. Sound by Bensound.

Contact us if you’d like us to visit your retail store so eager creatives can find you fast!

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