Thursday 11 November 2021: Janene Spencer or ooobop represents the SewOver50 community at Sew Over It.

Janene Spencer talks about her day as a model at Sew Over It
Janine or ooobop

You can find Janene at her freelance graphic design website,

She has a wonderful vintage & modern dressmaking blog


Janine discusses why she has previously avoided opportunities that are stressful like being the focus of attention as a model.

She gives listeners some simple ways they raise the profile of their sewing makes by just simply being themselves.

One comment

  1. Great interview!
    Enjoyed hearing more about the Sew Over It photo shoot experience, and how “Ooobop” came into being.
    One thing I really appreciate is the shorter length of your podcasts. Easier to pack into an already-full day. 😉
    Cheers, all!


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